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Cookies are short lines of text that can be stored in a user's computer when a browser (e.g. Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer) connects to a specific website.



Cookies store useful information, which is updated every time you visit our website: this allows the website to improve your browsing experience.
Cookies information may also be used for advertising campaigns or statistical purposes.



Technical cookies
They are essential to navigate safely and use the services requested. Under the applicable law they may also be used without the user's express consent.
The information is not used for marketing purposes and these cookies do not store any personal data.
One example: FromTab cookies allow you to only view your most preferred content in our Private Banking section .

Profiling cookies
They keep track of a user's activity online. Data collected in aggregate form preserve your anonymity and can be used for statistical or advertising purposes, as is the case with cookies used respectively by Google Analytics Universal and Doubleclick.
In addition to first-party cookies sourced from the host domain, also stores third party cookies issued by different servers or web sites: for instance certain items like Google Maps, are hosted on servers other than those hosting the visited page.



Cookies can be disabled directly from here.
Don't forget that this website needs cookies to work properly: by disabling cookies, you may disable some of its functions.


would you like to disable third party profiling cookies?



To know more about third party cookies, please refer to the information from:

DoubleClickGoogle; Google Adwords; Google Analytics (Data protection e Safety and privacy)

To disable or change Google settings for ads associated with your account, visit this page.

To prevent Google Analytics from using your personal details click here.

The Italian Data Protection Authority gives cookies a wide coverage. Please find out more here.



  • Click top left on Safari
  • Select Preferences from the menu
  • Click the Privacy tab
  • Click the 'Delete browsing history' button

Internet Explorer

  • Click Tools on the menu bar and select Internet Options
  • Under the General tab, click Delete in the Browsing History section.
  • Select Cookies
  • Click Delete in the pop-up window

Mozilla Firefox

  • Click the Menu button in the top-right corner (icon)
  • Click Options
  • Select the Privacy tab and click "Delete recent browsing history"
  • In the pop-up window select how much history and the type of items you want to delete.
  • Click the 'Delete now' button

Google Chrome

  • In the top-right corner of the browser toolbar, click the Chrome menu
  • Click Settings
  • Click Show advanced settings
  • In the Privacy section, click the Content settings button.
  • Under Cookies, click 'All cookies and browsing data' to see details in the dialog box.
       - To delete all cookies, click 'Delete all' at the bottom of the dialog box.
       - To delete a specific cookie, hover the mouse pointer over the website originating the cookie, then click X in the top-right corner.

Warning: The steps to disable cookies may vary depending on your browser version.

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