This section gives the opportunity to all those who have the right to vote to transmit voting proxies electronically, through their representative / delegate, through the delegation form that is here made available.

The form, completed in its entirety and duly signed, must be delivered in original to the representative, who can forward it to the Bank using the following fields.

The delegation may also be conferred by electronic document signed in electronic form pursuant to article 21, paragraph 2, of Legislative Decree 7 March 2005, n. 82.

The representative may, in place of the original, deliver or transmit a copy, also on an electronic medium, of the delegation, attesting under his own responsibility the compliance of the delegation to the original and the identity of the delegator (Article 135-novies, paragraph 5) , TUF).

It should be noted that the communication made to the Bank by the intermediary, certifying the legitimacy of the participation in the Shareholders' Meeting and the exercise of voting rights, is also necessary in case of electronic notification of the delegation: in the absence of the aforesaid communication, the delegation must be therefore consider itself deprived of any effect.

Finally, it should be noted that, pursuant to the aforementioned legislation, the representative must keep the original of the delegation and keep track of any voting instructions received for a year starting from the end of the shareholders' meeting.


Fields marked with the symbol * are mandatory


Fields marked with the symbol * are mandatory
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