Banca Carige governance system

banca carige governance system

The Corporate Governance section offers information on the regulation of Banca Carige's operations, on the corporate governance system, as well as on the norms and rules of conduct, on the shareholding structure, the company documents, the internal committees and bodies.

Banca Carige's main shareholders are the Cassa di Risparmio di Genova e Imperia Foundation and important partners such as BPCE IOM S.A. (Gruppo BPCE S.A.), in addition to more than almost 50,000 private shareholders.


Check documents, reports, summary statement of votes and minutes

Surveillance Committee

Check the composition of the Surveillance Committee

Supervisory Body

Check the composition of the supervisory body


Data updated as per stock ledger evidence and latest communications received pursuant to art. 120, paragraph 2, of the Consolidated Law on Finance.

Corporate Events

shareolders communications

Read the archive of the letters to shareholders

Company documents

Articles of association, code of ethics, shareholders' meeting regulations and other documents


Read the communications made by relevant individuals

corporate operations

Learn more about the mergers and divisions

changes in shared capital

See the complete list from 2009 to today