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Documents to be delivered against payment or acceptance 0,3% min EUR 30,00 max EUR 100,00
Bills unpaid with / without protest 0,3% min EUR 30,00 max EUR 100,00
Documents to be delivered free of payment 0,3% min EUR 30,00 max EUR 100,00
Deduction applied on payment of CHEQUES OVER Eur 100,00 EUR 30,00
Export Documentary Credits
Advising of documentary credits without confirmation EUR 20,00 + EUR 100,00
Confirmation (subject to arrangement for "Country Risk") EUR 20,00 + 0,21% (min. EUR 250 per quarter or part thereof)
Payments at sight under l/c EUR 20,00 + 0,30% (min EUR 130)
Acceptance of time bills under doc. credits or any other engagement to pay on a certain date after utilisations of credits for payments maturing within the first quarter EUR 20,00 + 0,6%; thereafter 0,2% per month or part thereof min. EUR 130 + EUR 20 charges
Amendments (other than amount / validity) EUR 20,00 + EUR 100,00
Letters of Guarantee
Simple transmission of guarantee without liability on our part, entirely chargeable to the remitter EUR 20,00 + EUR 100,00
Issuing our guarantee (under a bank's counter-guarantee) EUR 20,00 + subject to arrangement
Amendments (other than amount / validity) EUR 20,00 + EUR 100,00


The above-mentioned conditions apply to normal transactions. Postage, telegraphic expenses, correspondents' fees, and any other out-of-pocket expenses are to be added to the above-mentioned charges.
This schedule supersedes the terms and conditions previously issued.