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riCarige: the rechargeable prepaid card


riCarige is our convenient and safe prepaid card, ideal for cash withdrawals and purchases - even abroad - without the need for a current account and with no fixed costs, but offering the possibility to monitor cash available and balance.
riCarige also offers free online services, allowing to check the balance or the statement, to make payments and telephone top-ups, to pay bills, and much more.

Say goodbye to the old gift: the new present is riCarige prepaid card.

RiCarige prepaid card is an useful and concrete present, also available in a gift box, to be charged with the amount you would like to give.

The kid version - for children between 11 and 17 years of age - is a contemporary and educational idea to adequately manage pocket money, offering the possibility of monitoring balance and transactions and of reloading the card with the amount you wish and whenever you want.

It is ideal for those who love travelling and online shopping without any risk: you set the spending limit, reloading it with the amount you wish and, in the event of theft or loss, you have at your disposal a dedicated toll-free number available 24/7 (from Italy 800 822 056, from abroad +39 02 60843768).

RiCarige prepaid card is also available with IBAN, but only for adults. Compared with the basic version, it also allows to:

  • have your salary credited
  • send or receive bank transfers
  • request for the direct debit service (RID/SDD)
  • pay the main household bills
  • activate standing orders (both ingoing and outgoing)

PROMO: The standard monthly fee (€ 1.00) will not be applied to new customers for the first six months.

How to reload your riCarige:

  • at every branch
  • online, 24/7, by debiting the amount on the current account of the Carige Group bank which issued the card
  • via ATM machines
  • and if you choose riCarige with IBAN also:
  • by crediting your salary
  • with a bank transfer from any current account

riCarige includes, free of charge:

  • a dedicated online service
  • the online monitoring of transactions, balance and annual activity reporting
  • the first reload at the branch
  • the payment within the Euro zone in stores accepting VISA Electron payments
  • the withdrawal from Carige Group ATMs
  • the telephone top-ups
  • the renewal of the card
  • And if you choose riCarige with IBAN you also have for free:
  • a SMS verification service of payments (via internet and in shops) and ATM cash withdrawals over EUR 50
  • incoming transfers (e.g. salary)
How is the cost of riCarige prepaid card
  Issuing costs Monthly fee
riCarige 5 euros zero
riCarige with IBAN 5 euros 1 euro
0 if you are under 29 or for everyone, in the month a credit entry for at least EUR 250 is recorded
Need more information on Ricarige?
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Call the toll-free number 800 00 44 55
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