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NeoMutuo CarigeFlex: the mortgage that combines convenience and security


NeoMutuo CarigeFlex is the mixed-rate mortgage, ideal for those who want to seize the market opportunities with lower rates, also thinking of their future serenity.

Combining the floating rate for the first three years with the fixed rate for the following period, NeoMutuo CarigeFlex allows both immediate savings and security for the future, while preventing possible negative market conditions and the consequent increase in rates. Moreover, you know in advance the exact amount you are going to pay, as the fixed rate will be defined when entering into the agreement.

Financing amount Term Type of rate
Up to 80% of the property value 10, 15, 20 or 30 years Floating for the first three years. Fixed for the years ahead.

Make your mixed mortgage even safer with a Carige Assicurazioni insurance policy.

Carige Incendio e Furto (Carige Fire and Theft) is the "multi guarantee" policy covering not only the risks of fire and theft, but also material and direct damage caused to third-party property.

Carige Domani Mutuo is the policy guaranteeing the debt repayment, which allows you to refund instalments also in case of economic difficulties or unexpected events.

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