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Carigecash Europa: the bank card for safe withdrawals and purchases


Carigecash Europa is the microchip debit card for making purchases and withdrawals both in Italy and abroad.

This card guarantees the highest safety standards thanks to the V PAY circuit guaranteed by Visa and the secret code required for every transaction.

With Carigecash Europa card you will be able to:

  • make withdrawals from any automatic teller machine (ATM) in Italy
  • make purchases in any participating shop or store in Italy and throughout Europe
  • pay motorway tolls and recharge cell phones and prepaid cards through the bank's ATMs
  • consult the balance of your current- and security custody accounts and transfer money through your bank's ATMs
  • adjust your card's maximum spending ceiling in order to suit your current needs, simply calling at your branch.

Thanks to your Carigecash Europa card, you shall never have to queue at the counter anymore: discover now all the services provided by Bancacontinua.

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